Negotiating and formulating good contracts is important for the development, construction, operation and sale of energy. But it is no less important to be involved with them during their fulfilment phase, to manage their reciprocal and interrelated obligations, as well as to constantly monitor existing and potential risks. If something is not going the way it should, a clear and unequivocal stance must be taken and communicated.

The aim of Contract Management is to achieve compliance for the benefit of the project and to avoid disputes and litigation. We offer solutions from an experienced team of forensic engineers and lawyers with a litigation background, who know how to avoid litigation or prepare for when it is unavoidable:

  • Creating a coherent, workable and seamless set of contracts
  • Technical project management tools for forward-looking planning and control of reciprocal obligations
  • Detection of all types of technical and legal risks and their monitoring
  • Technical-legal defence of the client’s position in relation to their contractors with the possibilities offered by the contracts
  • Assistance and representation in disputes in courts, arbitration tribunals and alternative dispute resolution processes

Contract management means putting the optimal exercise of the rights and the due fulfilment of the obligations arising from these contracts in the hands of professionals.


Contract & claim management of interrelated project contracts, such as EPC (national and international standard – FIDIC), PPA, O&M, infrastructure contracts or energy transactions, in one or more jurisdictions.





Type of contract

Full Contract and Claim Management, by engineers and lawyers

German Investor/Employer

50 MWp termosolar in Southern Spain


Full Contract Management, engineers and lawyers

Spanish Investor/Employer

40 MWp PV in Kenia


Contract Management, design of EPC, engineers and lawyers

Spanish Employer

60 MWp PV in México


Analysis about existing Contract Management

Spanish  Contractor

25 MWp Wind in Northern Spain