The energy transition is not only about changing the shape of the energy mix, but also about making progress in the decentralisation and democratisation of energy. Distributed resources, be they self-consumption or energy communities, batteries or electric vehicles, aggregation, demand-side management or participation in flexibility markets, hybridisation, hydrogen or manageability, all have and will have a leading role to play for a long time to come.


  • Structuring and promoting energy communities
  • Self-consumption models (collective, with PPA, alternative financing, etc.)
  • Guidance and support for applications for European recovery funds (Next Generation EU).
  • Promotion of the energy transition from the Public Administration (Spanish Public Sector Contracts Law, or LCSP, Spanish Regulator of the Local Regime Bases Law, or LBRL, etc.).


Type of client

Population managed by the client



Provincial council

5+ million inhabitants

Promoting the creation of energy communities

Legal and informative guide on concepts, legal figures, possible vehicles, models and real examples of energy communities.

City Council

2000+ inhabitants

Promoting the development of a municipal photovoltaic park.

Legal notes on specific issues and outlines and timelines to facilitate strategic decision-making

Consortium awarded European project

446+ million inhabitants

Providing technical assistance to municipalities implementing sustainable solutions to alleviate energy poverty.

Multilingual legal technical assistance at the request of the consortium

City Council

33000+ inhabitants

Creation and consolidation of a municipal energy community

Roadmap on municipal energy community creation and growth

Energy cooperative

50+ members

Ongoing legal advice

Ongoing legal advice

Regional land institute

6+ million inhabitants

Offering land for renewable projects

Legal assistance in the drafting of specifications

Provincial council

5+ million inhabitants

Guidance on how to legally organise a municipally-owned self-consumption operation financed via crowdfunding.

Legal guide, including standard clauses, to help municipalities to organise self-consumption operations financed via crowdfunding.