The cleanest form of energy is energy that is not used, which translates into “less and better” in the complex environment of industrial and household energy consumption.

Energy efficiency is a major pillar of the energy transition and is increasingly recognised in the economy as being an area that receives financing, subsidies, tax benefits, etc. The related projects are planned, implemented and operated on a long-term basis by Energy Service Companies (ESCOs).

The provision of energy services may include the carrying out of intangible investments, works or supplies necessary to optimise the quality and reduction of energy costs. It may also include, however, the installation of efficient technology equipment, its O&M associated with verifiable, measurable or substantial energy savings and, where applicable, guaranteed energy savings.

There are various contracting types for the procurement and financing of energy services such as Energy Supply Contracting, Energy Performance/Savings Contracting, Facility Management Contracting, Financial Contracting. These are complex and long-lasting relationships between the industrialist, the ESCO and the financier with a strong technical component. Guaranteed savings, long-term supply prices and the interests of the project sponsor create interests that are difficult to balance. We are used to offering solutions together with specialised engineers. We coordinate technology transfer between different markets, and translate the best energy efficiency solutions between languages and professional jargon.


  • Incorporation of energy service companies and advice in this regard
  • Drafting and negotiation of energy performance contracts, ESC, EPC
  • Technical Building Code DB HE and other technical standards
  • Collaboration and technology transfer agreements